Our faith is rich and beautiful.

As a community of Catholic women, we gather to learn more about God through His Word and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Daughters of Mary currently uses Walking With Purpose as our formation material. Walking with Purpose is "the modern woman's guide to the bible." It encourages genuine discussion and transformative learning.

"To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it."

Mother Teresa


Adult Women's Course Material


Opening Your Heart: Beginning Course

The starting point and our foundational Bible study, we encourage all participants new to Walking with Purpose to begin here, regardless of previous experience with Bible study. This Bible study is an incredibly effective guide to deep, lasting transformation of the heart. Join us as we explore the core questions that we need to wrestle with if we want to experience all that God has for us.

  • How can I conquer my fears?
  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in my life?
  • What does the Eucharist have to do with my friendship with Christ?
  • What are the limits of Christ’s forgiveness?
  • Why and how should I pray?
  • What is the role of suffering in my life?
  • What challenges will I face in my efforts to follow Jesus more closely?

Discovering Your Dignity: Advanced Course

Prerequisite Opening Your Heart

Discovering our Dignity, a 22-week Bible study, gives us modern-day advice from women of the Bible.

Ancient wisdom, sage advice, sorrowful failures and woundedness…

In Discovering our Dignity, we learn that women of the Old and New Testament were sometimes as flawed and broken as we can be. Yet, the power of God worked in their lives.

Through their stories recorded in Scripture, they reach out to touch our “present” in a tender, honest and loving way –woman to woman.